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Since the break up of the Spice Girls, how many of the group have had a number 1 single in the UK charts?

All except Victoria 'Posh' Beckham.
Geri 'Ginger' Halliwell : Mi Chicho Latino, Lift Me Up, Bag It Up & It's Raining Men (although only the last one was a number 1 after the Spice Girls' last hit)
Emma 'Baby' Bunton : What Took You So Long
Melanie 'Sporty' C : Never Be The Same Again & I Turn To You
Melanie 'Scary' B : I Want You Back

Can you help me find an old sixties Soul/Northern Soul track by a 60's singer called 'Goldie' with the title 'I Do'?

Sorry the e-mail got lost in the ether so don't know the name. Please send me an e-mail again, cheers.
It was indeed a Northern Soul classic. It's on an album called "The Golden Era Of Doo Wops: Ember Vol2" which is an American compilation (full details at :
Good luck in trying to obtain the single on Ember Records : cat no: TF693 , which may be a British release. Ebay and similar sites may be your best bet.

I think the song is from eighties and it sort of goes 'star light thats what they calling .... get where you are stars'

I think you are referring to "Star" by Kiki Dee, whose chorus goes :
"Star, that's what they call you, how long you've waited to get where you are
Star, that's what you wanted, this week hot shot. a video star".
A hit in Feb-April 1981.

... and also a song in the 90's that went something like 'this is the story of ala kaboo the names have been changed for protecting the few'

This other one is a bit tricky. I think you are referring to indie band "Sound 5" who had a single out in about 1998 called "Ala Kaboo". Again, auction sites may be your best option. If anyone can provide any more info , let us know.

who sang the song with the lyric 'from the very very young to the very very old'

I take it that it is "From the very very young to the very very old, everybody now say Aye ..". It's called "Lean On Me (Ah-Li-Ayo)" by Red Box. You can get hold of the album on various auction sites, but they can be pretty pricey. Or you could order an import of "Top 40 Hit Dossier 87-88" on Warners Netherlands 0927 40306-2 (strange, as it was released in 1985). Check : The video is posted on YouTube or visit Red Box's website, they still regularly tour.
Phunky Phactoid : All of the lyrics were signed for the hard of hearing throughout the video. I believe it was the first comercial hit that had this.

Another advert : What's that song used in the Fosters Twist advert, the one which keeps repeating 'let it all hang out'?

'Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out)' by The Hombres, although it is incorrectly believed to be a version by Jonathan King.
Phunky Phactoid : Definition Of Sound sampled it for their 1991 top 10 hit 'Wear Your Love Like Heaven'.

What is the music used on the car advert, can't remember which car (!!!). It goes 'daydream I fell asleep in the flowers for an hour' and then goes all strange?

I know the one you mean, but I don't know which advert either - all car ads merge as one nowadays!. It's called 'Daydream In Blue' by I Monster. Number 20 in 2001.
A great compilation with it on is 'Ministry Of Sound - Ibiza Chillout Session' cat no. MOSCD22. It is now deleted unfortunately. The best you can do is search online (I used to say "your local music shop") for 'The Best Adverts Album In The World Ever' - type Cds. PR.
Phunky Phactoid : It sampled 'Daydream' by The Gunter Kallmann Choir. The Beta Band used the same sample on the 'Hot Shots II' cd.
NB. : It is from the Ford Focus ad and if you are interested, the undecipherable lyrics are :
'I dream a dirty dream of you baby, You're crawling on the bathroom floor, You float around the room and you're naked, Then you're flying out the bedroom door, I dream a dirty dream.'
and the second bit : 'I dream a dirty dream of you baby, you're swinging from the chandalier, I'm climbing up the walls 'cause I want you, but when I reach you, you disappear.'

When did the first 'Now That's What I Call Music' LP come out?

Christmas 1983.
Phunky Phactoid : The first cd was Now 8 in 1986 and in excellent condition is worth upto 40. (The vinyl isn't worth anything).

Please does anyone know if there is a dvd/video of Neil Young's live performence of "Like a Hurricane" which is shown on vh1 classic rock. I know it's not Rust Never Sleeps and I think part of it is blended into the track on Year Of The Horse?

Eric Love writes : It is probably from a show called 'Midnight Special' recorded in March 1976, unavailable on DVD.

Who recorded a reggae song called 'Bright Nights'?

Dandy Livingstone did record it but it has probably been sung by many others. Any ideas who else?
Phunky Phactoid : The Specials recorded it for the 1984 album 'In The Studio'.

What songs have sampled The Art Of Noise's 'Moments In Love'?

I've found two so far : LL Cool J - 'I Need Love' (1987) and a mash up with Alanis Morisette called 'Moments In Your House'. I also think Eminem has sampled it.
Phunky Phactoid : It was Madonna's wedding music when she married Sean Penn.

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